Simply Christianity

If you are new to Christianty, want to know more, or simply want a refresher, then Simply Christianity is a short series that follows Luke's account of the life of Jesus - the Gospel of Luke.

Simply Christianity

Simply Christianity is a five-part course based on Luke's account of the life of Jesus - the Gospel of Luke. Over the five sessions, we will read right through Luke's account, tracing it's main themes, being surprised and challenged by the unique story of Jesus Christ.

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City Workers

The City Talks offers a lunchtime oasis with coffee, cakes, friendships and a Bible talk and discussion that relates to modern City life.

City Talks

On most Thursdays, we have City Talks, lunchtime meetings to help city workers get to know God and one another better, Everyone is welcome. They start at 1pm, and will finish by 1.30pm. Hot drinks will be available, and please feel to bring your lunch. For more information, contact robert@standrewsnorwich.org or download the PDF.

Norwich University of the Arts

If you are a student or faculty member at NUA and you are looking for support in your faith, then look no further!  Martin Young is the Chaplain for NUA - contact him on martin@standrewsnorwich.org for more information.

What we Believe

As an Anglican church, we trust what God has told us in the Bible about himself and his Son, Jesus Christ.

We believe:

  • The world was created by God, our loving heavenly Father
  • The human race has rebelled against him, earning his judgement
  • In his love, God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on a cross in our place
  • God raised Jesus from the dead to rule with him in heaven
  • Jesus gives new life to all who follow and trust him

This good news has proved true in our experience and we'd love to share more with you.

  • Worship - Sundays at 10am
  • Bible Study - Tuesdays at 11am
  • City Talks - Thursdays at 1pm

Where are we?

We are on St Andrews Street in Norwich, just opposite St Andrews Hall and just down from Cinema City.

Our address is:
St Andrews Church, St Andrews Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AD